The Single Best Productivity Trick: Time Travel

You heard me right. Time travel.

Okay. You won’t need a Delorean or a Flux capacitor. I don’t mean literal time travel, although that would certainly be the best productivity tool.

Can you imagine all the work you could get done if you could just pause time?

No, what I am talking about is utilizing technology to take away all of the mundane things that your mind has to keep track of. Rather than put something onto your gigantic to-do list and hope that you remember to do it when the time comes, do it now.

Don’t try to remember to do something. Do it now and let technology worry about when it needs to happen.


You just left a meeting with an influential person in your life. Someone that you need to impress or follow up with. Let’s say they are leaving for a trip to China in three weeks.

A normal person will set a todo and wait three weeks. But you aren’t a normal person, are you? No. You’re a time traveler. Time travelers work on another plane and are rewarded with hours of extra time to work with.

Time travelers draft the two emails right now. One wishing them a happy trip, and another welcoming them home. They set those emails to automatically send on the days when they need to be sent.

The emails are sent. The influential person is impressed and your network grows by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, the normal person forgot to send their email and their network shrinks. They blew it!

If only they were a time traveler.

You aren’t a normal person. You’re a time traveller!


You’ll need some tools to help in your time travel journey.

Before we get into email, there is an app that I highly recommend for the time traveller. It’s called SaneBox and it automatically moves junk or unimportant emails into another folder. This allows you to focus on the emails that matter and time travel to another time when you can go through through the 80% of emails that don’t matter.

I honestly have no idea how SaneBox works, but it’s amazing how much crap you get without noticing it.

If you are against paying for SaneBox, you can set up filters in gmail that will do something similar to this. It’ll just take more time to setup.

There are two options that are like your flux capacitor. PolyMail is a mail app for iOS and Mac. It allows you to speed through emails, but more importantly, it has a schedule and a reminder function.

This app is critical to our toolkit. Whenever I am ready to time travel, this is the first app I go to. I have so many emails scheduled to go out automatically, my brain is completely free of worry.

The real kicker, and why I prefer PolyMail over the next tool, is the ability to get a reminder if no one replies to that email by a given time. Best of all, PolyMail is free!

If you only get one tool to take on your time traveller journey, it should be PolyMail.

PolyMail is crucial to our time traveler toolkit.

Another app that is a little less useful is from Hubspot. It is their email scheduling plugin for Gmail. It does require that you use Gmail and doesn’t have the reminder feature.

It’s not just email and apps. Time travelling is also finishing a YouTube video and scheduling when it goes live by uploading ahead of time.

You can take advantage of other time traveler tools like automatic bill pay, scheduled text messages, and HootSuite or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets and Instagram messages.

Utilize these tools and schedule everything in your life and you’ll gain a lot of extra time to be more productive.

Good luck on your time travel journey! I’ll see you in the future!

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