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A terrorist may become President

During a routine State of the Union address, in which all but one member of the Line of Succession are in attendance, a terrorist successfully detonates a bomb. 

The designated survivor, Secretary of State Hoffman, is whisked to a safe house where he is briefed on becoming the next President, a job he never wanted. With multiple skeletons in his closet, one scandal will bring him down and weaken the United States. 

FBI Agent Nick Hundley investigates the bombing. He discovers that a terrorist sleeper agent is in the line of succession, and Hoffman was never supposed to live. 

With Hoffman’s life in danger, and the future of the United States at risk, Hundley must uncover who the sleeper agent is before it’s too late.

Line of Succession is the first screenplay in the Hoffman Administration series of political thrillers.

The screenplay was selected as a semi-finalist in the Sundance Episodic Story Lab.