you need a screenwriter that understands INDEPENDENT production

You have a stellar idea or rich property that needs to be turned into a film or television show, stat.

But you’re an independent filmmaker without a studio’s budget and a time crunch to get something made. I CAN HELP!

I don’t settle for anything less than perfection..

My fast-paced and perfectly structured screenplays are used to create award-winning commercial successes.

Hire me as your freelance screenwriter to take your film to the next level.

I’ve written for Cannes film directors, legendary film producers, low-budget filmmakers, and multi-million dollar productions.

My specialty genres include: 

  • Supernatural Horror
  • Crime Thriller
  • Gritty Mystery
  • Low-Budget Science Fiction

My screenplays read fast, I understand production, distribution, and will help optimize your screenplay to be successful and give you the best chance of releasing a hit. 1

When you hire me. You’re hiring a partner that’s walked through the shadows, and knows the way out.

I work in many capacities with filmmakers including: 

  • Screenwriting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Production Consulting
So, what’s stopping you from getting in touch and starting you film off running? Contact me today to get started!