Why You Need To Automate Your Author Platform Today

You’re a busy writer or director. You’re not a marketer, so why waste your time growing your social media? A good social media network is like insurance, you need to plan for it before you need it. Your author platform is a key part of your marketing strategy. A mailing list with 10,000 subscribers is worth

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The Single Best Productivity Trick: Time Travel

You heard me right. Time travel. Okay. You won’t need a Delorean or a Flux capacitor. I don’t mean literal time travel, although that would certainly be the best productivity tool. Can you imagine all the work you could get done if you could just pause time? No, what I am talking about is utilizing technology

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Screenwriters Secret Weapon #1: The Transition Pass

Transform your script into an award-winner with only a few extra hours perfecting your transitions. Everyone is worried about the rewrite. Personally, I love to rewrite. It’s the main reason why I vomit out the first draft as quickly as I can and spend more time on the polish drafts. You can’t know what will

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17 Practical Tips for Becoming a Successful Film Director

Do you want to be a director? Go out and direct. Buy a camera, or rent one, go shoot something. Anything can be a 30 second commercial or a 5-second film. Congrats, you’re a director. Are you a professional Director? Doubtful, but you are still a director. Keep working at it. Directing is just like any

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A Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Revolution is Coming for Film/TV

Grab your Griffyn, and hang on tight! WarCraft: The Movie was the first to fall onto the masses, but it won’t be the last. We’ve been in the early stages of this revolution for a few years now, and let’s be honest, since The Lord of the Rings in 2003, we have not had a solid

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