It’s time to get help!

I’m Ty Leisher, a freelance writer for hire that understands filmmaking and story telling on the screen.

As an action film writer, my writing will help your film shine by:

  • Being fast and exciting
  • Understanding and hitting genre expectations
  • Creating a strong and unique tone

Gone are the days when the hardest part of making a film, was actually making a film. Now the hardest part is getting people to buy and watch your film.

As a filmmaker and screenwriter from Los Angeles, I have expert knowledge and experience in:

  • Screenwriting – With over four produced films including Nuns with Guns, starring Tom Sizemore.
  • Filmmaking – Having directed two features.
  • Digital film marketing – Working with filmmakers to establish their brands.

Interested? Visit my Hire Me page to get in touch. 

My high quality content is search engine friendly and highly targeted to attract the exact audience of your film. It entices social sharing that helps promote your film within your target community.

But, why me?

Just like my screenplays, I know how to write content that excites readers. From a press release announcing filming of an independent film, to articles that attract the right readers.  I know how to evoke emotions.

Need proof? My films have been featured in:

I’ve written screenplays for Cannes Film Directors, multi-million dollar producers, tragic true stories, and biopics of legendary filmmakers like John Daly.

In addition to my screenwriting and filmmaking work, I serve as executive director of the Sunscreen Film Festival West and understand how film festivals program.

When you hire me, you aren’t just getting another screenwriter. You’re getting:

  • An action screenwriter that writes fast-paced stories.
  • A producer that understands digital marketing for films.
  • A collaborator with patience to continue the rewrites long into the process.
  • A team member that knows how to get a film into the market successfully.

Let’s collaborate and save you time, money and headaches. Contact me to get started!

fast facts about me:

  • My favorite directors include Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and Denis Villeneuve.
  • My favorite genres are crime thriller, mystery and science fiction.
  • If I could turn one book series into a movie, it would be the Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore.