I’m Ty Leisher.

I’m a screenwriter and filmmaker. In 2015 my screenplay, Line of Succession, was a semi-finalist at the Sundance Episodic Lab and my follow-up pilot, Nuns with Guns, was a semi-finalist and is currently in production with director Robert Enriquez. In 2012, I wrote and directed a crime drama web series about a Mafia poker tournament, it received critical acclaim and later I was hired to direct the last 8 seasons of Classic Alice.

I’ve directed commercials for JTS.tv, television shows like Music Box, music videos for Laura Saggers, Erick Macek, and Michael J Willett, and I’ve had the pleasure of directing Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner, Dexter‘s Dave Baez, and The American West‘s Ric Maddox.

I co-founded Exit 44 Entertainment in 2016 with Ed Morrone and Eric Brodeur and we’re currently developing our feature debut.

I love to give back and help others. Some of my philanthropic contributions include being an Executive Director of the Sunscreen Film Festival West, the head moderator of the /r/Screenwriting community, I’m currently serving my second term as Secretary of the El Segundo Kiwanis Club, and I curate Horror Weekly and Screenwriting Weekly.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or email me.